Applied Building Science 09: Design Strategies for a High Performance Home

3 modules


Mike Barcik

28 Feb 2022



Southface experts Mike Barcik and Joey Starr explain concepts and best practices in high performance home design.

This course consists of a video training, slide deck, and exam. Upon successful completion of this course, participants will receive a certificate of completion for CEUs from ICC, AIA, BPI, and RESNET.

  • The full video has a runtime of 1 hour, 15 minutes.

  • The full slide deck is provided for free download in the Resources module

  • The exam consists of 10 multiple choice questions

This webinar is intended for architects, designers, builders, and raters of new homes. The webinar begins with an overview of building science and the house-as-a-system approach. Participants will apply this knowledge to total-home performance and the features it entails. This webinar will show participants best practices for designing a high-performance home, with a focus on efficiency, comfort, health, durability and environmental awareness. Participants will discover that high-performance homes begin with an enhanced design effort but don’t have to have increased construction costs. Southface will present several EarthCraft projects as case studies.


Participants in the webinar will:

  • Recall basic building science concepts, particularly the house-as-a-system approach
  • Learn ten design concepts to try and implement
  • Appreciate the impact of thoughtful, intelligent design
  • Discover resources for more information and further study

Video: Design for a High Performance Home
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Slides for Design for a High Performance Home
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Exam: Design for a High Performance Building
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