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This presentation provides a basic overview of building science including the climate factors that affect buildings, an understanding of the thermal envelope, and the physical movement of heat, air and moisture in buildings. After completing this module, you will have a basic understanding of building science fundamentals and will recognize how those concepts affect residential and commercial buildings. Read More

This one-hour course includes video content, a downloadable study guide to be completed during the course, and a final quiz. Upon successful completion of this course, participants are will receive a certificate approved for CEUs from AIA, BPI, and ICC. In this course, Southface Technical Principal Mike Barcik provides a video demonstration of the Southface "House of Pressure" (HoP) simulator. This special equipment allows learners to see how a leaky house or duct system can waste energy and create potential health and safety hazards due to backdrafting in the combustion appliance zone (CAZ) or other sources of unwanted air. In addition, participants will learn simple ways to diagnose and address ventilation and air-leakage problems in the residential setting.  The HoP is a life-size cutaway model of a "typical" house and includes various simulated zones such as a living room, bedroom, bath, attic/crawl, and kitchen, as well as actual combustion appliances (water heater and furnace), heat exchanger and cooling coils, exhaust flues, and a duct system. The simulator also has built-in analog pressure gauges and a number of vents used to simulate various conditions. Theatrical fog is used to provide a visual understanding of how air and fumes move under different conditions. (Special thanks to Vertical River for video production.) Read More

This module is for the EarthCraft Builder Exam only.  Students must complete the EarthCraft Builder training first in order to receive credit for completing this exam. Read More

Disclaimer: Course access is limited to 30 days from the date of purchase. EarthCraft Builder Training: Online for a Limited Time The EarthCraft Builder training provides a comprehensive overview of best practices for sustainable construction and design and explores the ways the EarthCraft program can help you get started in the green building sector. Learn cost-effective ways to improve the energy efficiency, indoor air quality, comfort and durability of homes, enhancing overall client appeal. Read More

This module is for real estate professionals who participated in an instructor-led "Selling Sustainability" webinar. Participants must pass the exam in order to receive your Certificate of Completion. EarthCraft Real Estate Professionals draw on their knowledge to present and market EarthCraft and other high-performance homes to green property buyers. Certified Real Estate Professionals can translate sustainable features into benefits and have the expertise on policy and mortgage incentives for purchasing energy-efficient buildings. Read More

Southface’s EMPOWERED Training Solution One will provide you with an overview of model codes, including those important to your distributed energy resource implementation.   Read More

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